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3 Local Stones for Landscape Design in New Jersey

Why do so many people in New Jersey end up using bluestone in their patio areas? Because it’s local, beautiful, and strong! There are several other local options for patio stone. Let’s take a look to see what native natural stone can do for you!

blueston1. Bluestone

Bluestone used for walkway, patio and to cap walls surrounding Japanese Bloodgood Maple

The most commonly used natural stone in New Jersey. These feldspathic sandstone quarries are located in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. These deposits came to the Catskill area roughly 350 million years ago. There are many style options that bluestone can facilitate:

Natural: irregular stone

  • Refined and finished: true blue thermal bluestone
  • Versatile: random rectilinear stone
  • -Unique focal point: lilac bluestone 

Pro tip: Bluestone can be used for patios, pool copings, retaining walls, wall caps, counter and pier tops, and fireplaces.

crab2. Tennessee Crab Orchard

Well it’s not from New Jersey, but it’s still pretty local! Tennessee Crab Orchard stone has a look all its own! This is a very hard, weather tolerant sandstone with a high quantity of silica. Its fantastic mix of colors come from iron, titanium, and magnesium to create whimsical swirls throughout the stone.

Pro tip: It has a safe and textured non-slip surface and looks brilliant when wet. Tennessee Crab Orchard is wonderful for patios, pool decks, stairs, fireplaces, and any high visibility surface.

karney3. Karney Stone

Karney Chunk Steps used to get up to pool area

Trademarked as a term from Wicki Stone in Great Meadows, New Jersey, this brown toned stone is also great in many applications. This sandstone comes from Pennsylvania. Its look is similar to bluestone but has many green and rust accents marks that give it a really rustic feel.

Pro tip: Karney Stone can be used as a patio stone, but we often use it in natural staircases and for wall stone. It is also used for waterfalls. These chunky boulders are great for stacking, and water spills beautifully over them.

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