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5 Perfect Gifts for the Gardener on your List

compost-small1. Compost Bin

What a great way to promote sustainability and keep those veggie scraps under control! Available in an array of colors and styles and can be kept on the counter or under the kitchen sink. If you keep packing your scraps into these bins and adding them to your compost pile, you will add wonderful nutrients to your soil for your garden next year.

terrarium-small2. Terrarium

Great project whether you build it yourself or buy it pre-made! Terrariums are mini ecosystems that thrive off of cool, moist environments. You can plant mosses or any other low growing, water loving genus for a real in door focal piece!

mug-small3. Personalized Floral Dishware

It’s always a nice touch to have some of the outdoors come in!
Personalized mugs, dishes, and even letterheads are a great addition to any home or workspace. These gifts are thoughtful and fun for friends and family.

birdhouse-small4. Birdhouse

What better way to brighten the day for your fellow environmentalists! Bird houses can be hand made or bought to focus on housing your local feathered friends. From cardinals and sparrows to finches and more, there is a custom birdhouse for each! They are also a lovely accent piece to any garden. Make sure to look for birdhouses thatfacilitate native species!

magazines-small5. Gardening Books

It’s never too late to keep learning! Books about traditional and contemporary gardens, or specialty subjects like moon gates and native stone are great ways to continue your or your friends’ landscape design knowledge.