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Landscaping Ideas: 3 Perfect Low Maintenance Plants for the Summer

The heat is here! New Jersey weather is nearly unbearable. If you’re tired of watering those hydrangeas every night, Sparrow and Brambles has some hot weather planting suggestions that require no care at all.

sedum-blog1. SEDUM

Sedum is a genus, which has thousands of varieties and many forms—from groundcovers and vines to large shrub-like perennials. These plants are often used in roof top gardens, where little or no water is available. Two varieties that we love in the garden are Sedum x “Autumn Joy”, Autumn Joy Stonecrop and Sedum acre, Goldmoss Sedum. They have two completely different looks, but they are both zone hardy for New Jersey and provide great perennial color.

Pro tip: Sedums are perfect in full sun, in rock gardens, or any dry space. The Goldmoss has a great summer bloom of a yellow flower, while the Autumn Joy comes out in August.

hens-chicks-blog2. HENS AND CHICKS

This is such a fun plant for the garden and has a truly unique form and size. From the genus Semperviren, Hens and Chicks have many varieties including Black, Cobweb, Emerald, and Green Wheel. This plant is great for garden borders, modern gardens, and rock gardens.

Pro tip: Not all varieties are hardy to New Jersey. Be careful when purchasing these, especially from major super stores who often provide plants that are not hardy to the local areas.

yucca-blog3. Yucca

To add a little more height and a great variety of texture, yucca is the way to go. This deer resistant, drought tolerant, and bird attracting plant is a focal point to any garden design. Even Cottage Gardens can benefit from the yucca’s sharp blades—adding great contrast to the more common ovate leaves of many perennials. Yucca comes in blues, yellows, and greens with margins and stripes.

Pro tip: “Ivory Tower” is a great New Jersey hardy variety that has a fantastic bloom in the beginning of July

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