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Plan Your Fall Garden

Oak leaf mulch
As another summer comes to close, thoughts of autumn colors and crisp, cool air begin to fill our heads. The fall season is a great time to plant a new garden or take care of an existing one. Cooler air and soil temperatures reduce the need for regular watering and give gardens a chance to reinvigorate before the dormant months of winter. Planting a new garden in the fall also allows for two seasons of new growth before the hot weather of the following summer.
Take time in the fall to reflect on the hard work you put into your garden and enjoy the vibrant colors of the season. When cleaning your garden in the fall, consider shredding your leaves and using them as mulch throughout the winter. This will help the soil retain necessary moisture and help insulate the root system. Resist the urge to prune trees and shrubs in the fall and only remove dead materials. Pruning in the fall can put trees and shrubs at risk, as wounds heal more slowly and the presence of fungal spores is highest. Conventional practice suggests waiting until after the coldest part of the winter to remove any unwanted or unhealthy branches. This will allow the tree to recover and push beautiful, new growth out in the spring.

Fall is a time to slow down and look forward to spending the holidays with family. Embrace the season and enjoy. – by Jonathan Walezak

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