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Sustainably Drained (Water Your Plants!)

Rain rain, go away – period (but water the plants before you go)! While rain is beneficial to our much treasured gardens, it can wreak havoc on a landscape or structure when not handled properly. Traditionally, the rule of thumb is that water rolls downhill and as long as you grade away from something, all is well. While that may work most of the time, there are a number of cases where more innovative solutions are necessary. If this is the case for your property or project, consider using a sustainable drainage system.

When considering the management of stormwater runoff, another rule of thumb is to collect on-site and gradually release over a period of time. This helps alleviate the surge to the stormwater system and downstream where flooding occurs. There are a number of devices used to help collect water on-site and minimize runoff, including permeable pavers, bioswales, rain gardens and zero-runoff parking lots – to name a few. Whichever method you choose, make sure to consider the on-site impact, as well as on adjacent properties – and always consult with a professional for maximum effectiveness.

Examples of Sustainable Watering Systems in Residential Gardens

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