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Vertical Gardening – “Growing Up”

In the age of hip gadgetry and extreme convenience, it’s hard to believe that gardening is on the rise. Folks, both young and old, are looking to put plow to field (not literally) and reap the benefits of growing their own fruits and vegetables at home! While traditional gardens of size and variety are still desired, few garden hobbyists have the time or space to make such a commitment. One way to maximize yield without clearing a large plot of land is to grow up – by starting a vertical garden!

Vertical gardening is a great way to bring life to a blank wall or maximize square footage in a very small space. It can also offer a low-impact solution for those who suffer from back pain. Whether edible or strictly aesthetic, going vertical breaks the mold of tradition and redefines the concept of the garden. When will you grow up?

Examples of Vertical Gardens

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