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Mantoloking Bliss: Shore Living at its Best

This bay front home is the perfect example of shore living. Bringing summer color to the gardens was the main focus for Sparrow and Brambles. Preserving existing trees like Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar), Pyrus calleryana (Bradford Callery Pear), and several Lagerstroemia indica (Crape Myrtles) allowed the space to remain established. Microclimates of shade and sun allowed us to really play with the plant pallets and create nooks different color and textures throughout. We were able to utilize many existing plants on site and transplant them into new areas to make for a more “Cottage Style” garden. The contrast of these mixed perennial beds to the modern look of the bamboo perennial grass masses created different rooms throughout the property.

Sparrow and Brambles worked with Bay Point Pools and Pillari LLC. to design the pool and Ipe decks in the front and rear of the home. Landstyles Landscaping installed all the new garden spaces and did a fantastic job.





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