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Scotch Hills Retreat: Bringing it Together

The owner’s of this beautiful Scotch Hills, NJ home had a pool, had a patio, and had landscaping, but it just didn’t come together. Their hopes were to subtly enhance the entrance to the home with a new walkway and plantings, but the rear yard needed a serious overhaul. The only things that were preserved in the rear yard were the pool, the mature shade trees, and the grade. The small fenced in area around the pool really enclosed the back gardens making it nearly impossible to take advantage of the wide open space that the property had to offer.

Next on the list was creating a real outdoor retreat. We removed the dated pavers and opened up the patio spaces with wet laid irregular bluestone. We then designed an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and 12′ diameter sunken spa. Low maintenance plantings were designed throughout the property along with a huge amount of transplants of mature azaleas, yews, ferns, and andromeda. A perimeter fence was added for safety along with a custom shed for storage space. New egresses and seat walls were included to make navigation and utilization of the site seamless.

Credits to our Project Partners

  • Installation of Spa by Inca Pools
  • Installation of Hardscapes by Ricky Pigna Masonry
  • Installation of Plantings by Wilson Perez.

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